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Commisssion Madness

Mon Oct 6, 2008, 3:32 PM
A special dedication to all those who've commissioned for me over the summer!!

Just wanted to start posting a place with links to all my wonderful commissions I've gotten this summer from amazing artists and give peeps a bit more information on them all who might be interested.

All of the characters are all Original Characters that belong to me and were created thanks to the Werewolf Apocalypse game done by White Wolf. The artwork was done by the respected artists of course.

This is my first commission from :iconsorciy:. She is also an awesome commissioner. I recommend her anyday and her stuff is beautiful! She is wonderful to work with as well. This piece is of Marik Kyesinger. My main, original character and one of the first. He is my baby and is me in almost every way. He is a Silent Strider Metis Ragabash. This is his most current look, his eyes red and blue after being possessed by the Eater of Souls for a short time has made them permanently discolored and he is now linked to the weaver. This however is not a good thing for him. Marik started the rp way back when and from him alone has spawned nearly 140 more characters I've made since then. He started out as a terrorist, trying to end the WTC's pollution, but as fate turned against him and things have changed since then, he is now the companies Head of Biology. He is also an adopted father to a whole horde of ex experimented garou.

This is my first commission from :iconfablepaint:. This is the first time I asked for a commission of more than one character and of them to be in a setting that was in the WTC, the World Tree Corporation which houses our main bulk of our rp world. The piece is supposed to show the front lobby. She did a beautiful job with it, even though she forgot to put Corporation instead of Org on it. It's ok though! I still love it.
The characters are in order, Akira Bors, Homid Silver Fang Kinfolk – Nagaina Striker, in her homid form and leader of the WTC's Nagah Nest, she is an experiment that has caused her the loss of her hair and the elongated body and scales – Talon Bors, Red Talon in her Hispos form towering over her son Ace – Ace Bors, Redtaon in his homid form – Marik Kyesinger, Silent Strider Metis homid. His eyes explained above – Tisheeba Sandshade, Uktena Homid Philodox, in her crinos form showing off her mutations she got when the wyrm attacked her and injected her with liquid silver.

This is my first commission from :iconm-t-copyright:. She is also an amazing artist who's style I love and a GREAT person to commission. Fast and easy to work with and very open to talk to you about anything. I really appreciate that and I recommend her to anyone who likes her art.

This first piece is of Ramiaell Stone, my Homid Glass Walker Garou from the rpg Werewolf Apocalypse. Age: 30 Height: 6'1 Eyes: light brown Personality: Ramiaell is a very laid back sharp guy. When doing business he is highly educated and sharp and witty with his words and usually has a smirk on his lips. Being the breed of garou that lived and grew in the city he is very street and business smart. However he takes his canine side of him just as serious and fun and prizes in his custom made sniper rifle he takes with him on all assassination missions. He works now as part of the WTC's engineering department keeping the energy reactors up and running.

My 2nd commission from :iconm-t-copyright:. This is Maiyiisha Goethe, my little bad girl Black Spiral Dancer from an African hive. Age: 18 Height: 5'8" Eyes: Dark Emerald Green Body: Very slim with good hips and curves and a descent sized chest. She is also African American. Her ears are long and pointed alot like a demons. her feet are the feet of a gargoyle's, large and three toed to points with claws and a dewclaw jetting out the back. She has some BSD kaleido scars on her arms that are rather dim when she isn't activating the spiritual energies trapped within them. Personality: Maiyiisha is capable of making close friends but you wouldn't ever guess it. She is very moody and quiet. She usually only speaks when it's to make a smart remark or shoot someone down. Her humor is rather sick and twisted and she finds mos people as idiotic and annoying. She secretly loves to rap and breakdance however. She isn't a bad looking female and that is noticed by men now and then however the feet usually do it for them, or the ears. She suffers the deformities because she is a born Black Spiral Dancer and is too inbred to be pureblood Stargazer but it is most prominent. She works with the company's research company and specializes in retrieving artifacts from the umbral realms.

My 3rd commission from :iconm-t-copyright:. This is Razi Hime, my rather flamboyant Glass Walker Homid Garou. Razi Hime. Age: 24 Height: 5'11 Eyes: Soft but slightly Asian in look. Hazel green eyes. Personality: Razi is very open and flamboyantly Gay. He has a smile on his face most all the time though he is very deep inside. He's smart, highly educated, and the corporation's personal tailor. He adopted a son and recently has a new boyfriend he adores. He is very fun and warm and friendly. He won't go out of his way to hit on anyone though, he usually let's the other person make the first move and keeps public displays of affection down to a minimum to keep his business profile professional but he isn't above friendly smiles at all times or holding hands. He is the company Tailor and in rare occasions accountant. His wolf and werewolf forms are dyed odd colors with odd haircuts and clothes.

My 4th commission from :iconm-t-copyright:. This is Romulus and Remus Kyesinger Age: Unkown Appears to be in 20's Height: 5'6 Eyes: Jet black, dark sinister and at times, only in human forms, some see red tinges in their eyes. They are very narrow and sharp and eerie.
Body: They have a nice tall yet thin boyish body. They have defined abs and shoulders and necks but they don't have bulging muscles, though more than what Razi would have for example but less than what Ramiaell has if you remember him. Marikings: They are both branded with the Beast-of-War glyph. The glyph appears on both sides of both of their wrists and is fairly large despite being on their wrists.
Personality:  Romulus and Remus, long ago, were the highest ranking war generals in the Pharaoh's armies. However when the Pharaoh became obsessed with the powers of the Wyrm, he cursed Romulus and Remus by trapping the Beast-of-War within them, the Wyld within the Wyrm, the face of calamity. With this, Romulus and Remus were able to command any great army and were an indestructible force. Not to mention that little ever crossed their paths. Their only weakness being losing one or the other as both are powerful only with the other. They are pure chaos and consume anything they can in their maze of confusion and such.
That being said, centuries and millenniums have passed since that day and yet they still live, following their family bloodline like a dark plague. As time has went on, the thrill of darkness and killing has left Romulus's heart, and he is now often found reminiscing about the past, when they were young and free. Remus however had lost all memory of the past before becoming possessed and thrives on death and carnage and chaos. Thus why Remus is ALWAYS smirking darkly and laughing and all over his brother when creeping others out, and why Romulus is always very strict, short, serious and sinister. He never smiles and is often serious or frowning at his brother. Together though, through their strong intense bond as twins and sharing of the Beast-of-War's soul, they are intensely connected at the hip and highly physical with one another. Not to mention overly protective of one another, not that anyone dare attempt to attack one or the other.

My commission from :iconthunderfox5:. This is Baldur Archibald, my Get of Fenris, Lupus, Ahroun. He's got most the info on him on the character sheet that he so kindly made up for me. I love how he put him in the Armed Guards uniform too!! It has a lot of meaning for our company being the Armed Guards is our specialized army and Baldur is it's second in command. He is a proud father as well of now three children and soon to be more.

My commission from :iconplaguedog:. This is a piece done of my Red Talon family. Plaguedog was also great to work with. Her art is one of a kind and I cherish this piece. This is done back when my Red Talons were still forest garou, before moving to the city which is a long story. This features Talon, the red mother and her two son's, Ace and Collin. This is a shot of their first hunt. If I had been thinking I would have had her include their deceased father, a kinfolk wolf, Greystreak. He's the reason why Collin has a gray streak down his back.

This is my commission from :icondolphydolphiana:. She is an amazing artist and I love her softer style. I asked her to do a commission of my alter ego Kyesinger for me and I am very pleased with the results. If you look at it closely you will see her saphire dragon eye, but the other eye you don't see is a sharp yellow wolf eye. She blends in well with the night like I asked and she did an amazing job on her horns and body. Making the front half larger and bulkier than the sleeker backside. She is a Dragon and Wolf hybrid, created and not born. Hence the mixture of the blood in her genetics and the odd outcome on her body Kyesinger herself has yet to be role played but she is close and dear to my heart.

A special thank you to all you wonderful artists for your time. I love them all and can't wait to get them all up on my wall!!
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